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WFIA's flagship Jamia Masjid Ghousia (Lea Bridge Road Mosque) has served the local community for decades.


WFIA transformed this former warehouse into a local landmark Waltham Forest can be proud of.


The mosque is open for visits and tours throughout the year for everyone that wishes to learn more about Islam and Muslims.




For many years WFIA has welcomed visitors from various organisations and establishments both nationally and internationally to the see the masjid. Many of our visitors are from faith, inter-faith and educational institutions wishing to further their understanding of Islamic teachings and worship.


WFIA is open to visitors throughout the year. We receive a large number of visitors from schools, colleges and universities with an interest to find out more about the workings of a mosque and the Islamic faith for projects and studies. We are happy to tailor tours according to appropriate recommendations.


WFIA also holds and annual Open Day to engage with the local community, to learn more about each other, and also to thank local residents around the mosque for their support throughout the year.

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