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Waltham Forest Islamic Association quite simply stands against terrorism, where ever it happens in the world. We make no distinction between the west, middle-east, east - any country, colour or religious belief.


We unequivocally condemn any acts of terrorism and vehemently oppose any one attempting to associate such heinous crimes with the true teachings of Islam.


Our heartfelt sympathies are with all those affected by terrorism and we offer our condolences to the bereaved families of the victims.


We take this opportunity to state Islam’s opposition to any acts of terror and remind all of the clear verse in the Holy Quran,


“Whoever takes an innocent life ... it is as though he has killed the whole of humanity, and who ever saves a life it is as though he has saved the whole of humanity” (Chapter 5, verse 32).


The acts of terror we are experiencing recently are unprecedented in the west but a poignant reminder of what is being suffered in the Muslim lands on a daily basis for a long time. Indeed, it is the Muslims who are the biggest victims of ISIS terror and these events, like in Paris or Brussels, are unfortunately an all too common occurrence suffered by Muslims.


Muslims and Non-Muslims alike are victims of such evil terrorists. We therefore reiterate our condemnation of all acts of terror wherever they may occur, whether Pakistan, Burma, Kashmir, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and others.


We request governments not to over react by further introducing any unreasonable curtailment of civil liberties. We should always pursue a diplomatic route as violence breeds violence. We must unify the voices against terrorism and not act to isolate any community as that will only serve the extremist agenda and further endanger all of our lives.


WFIA Management Committee






WFIA Committee Members Are Against Extremism And All Forms of Terror