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WFIA receives many requests to help people become Muslims, a noble act of faith.


Becoming a Muslim is a simple matter of declaring the Oneness of Allah and accepting Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) as his messenger.


We ensure those wishing to become Muslim, do so of their own accord, free will and without any pressure from anyone.




For those considering accepting Islam and becoming a Muslim, WFIA can help you understand more about Islam and ensure you fully understand what being a Muslim means and how to live as a Muslim. It is essential you understand this fully before committing to a life changing decision to become a Muslim.


And when you decide to accept Islam, we will guide you through the simple process of declaring your faith. And once you join the blessed Ummah (community), our support network at the WFIA is available to provide scholarly guidance, advice and support. The eminent scholars of Islam at the WFIA are present to give direction on questions or issues that may be faced.


We have dedicated volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to support you in the challenges you will no doubt face by joining a new community.


We also hold regular classes on Seerah (Life of the Holy Prophet (saw)), Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), Shariah (Islamic Law), Quran Recitation, Naat (Praising the Holy Prophet (saw)), Aqeedah (Beliefs) and many other regular circles.


Please feel free to come to the mosque at anytime to ask for help, or click below to speak with our scholars directly.

New Muslim Enquiry YaUmmati