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The Waltham Forest Islamic Association is one of the largest Islamic organisations in the UK. We are regularly visited by dignitaries from across the world including Scholars, Government Officials, Investors and Academics.


WFIA is a registered charity and accountable to our members both directly and through the media.


We are keen to promote the positive work of WFIA in the media, and we aim to respond positively and openly to all reasonable media requests.


In the event of a major incident or other national stories breaking which implicate Muslims or Islam, we will try to provide information to the media as quickly as possible.


For major incidents, a media centre will be established for use during the early stages. There will be regular updates on the situation and, when possible, interviews.


During such times, we receive a high number of requests for filming and photography. WFIA reserves the right to decline media requests where these conflict with operational requirements.  


It is important that journalists use the official communication channels to acquire information as we are in the best position to find the information you need quickly or provide an authoritative source for your story.


Feel free to talk to us about possible features and programmes.


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The Muslim community continues to be shocked and appalled at the terror attacks globally. Such acts are contrary to the teachings of Islam.


Furthermore, the consequences of such acts will only cause Muslims to be the subject of further hatred - and no real Muslim could ever hurt innocent people let alone do acts that actually hurt Islam and Muslims continually. Muslims are in fact the biggest victims of this terror.


Traditional Islamic teachings encourage co-existence, compassion and peace between different communities, and this is why we unreservedly condemn both the act, and the individual responsible for today’s sad news.


Our thoughts and prayers extend to all those affected by such horrid crimes, and their families and loved ones.