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The WFIA’s systematically constructed education syllabus has resulted in the development and progression of students in all aspects of the education system offered, including: Islamic Studies, Quran recitation, Hifz classes, Urdu language classes and  extra syllabus classes.


Quranic and Islamic Classes


Children are taken on to the Qur'anic and Islamic classes from the ages of 5/6 years onwards. Topics taught are listed below.


  • To perform the Wudu (washing)


  • To read the Qur'an


  • To recite the Qur'an with Tajweed


  • The five pillars of Islam


  • Prayer in the form of salah


  • The basic history of Islam


  • Aqeedah

For the benefit and progression of our students we believe that it is necessary to separate students into classes based on age individual ability since each child will read the Holy Qur’an at their own pace.


Classes are held on Weekdays (Monday – Friday) at 5pm - 7pm.

Hifz (Memorisation the Qur'an)


The Hifz class, has been run by the Masjid for many years and we are proud of our many competent Hafiz.


The Hifz class is attended by children who have completed their Qur'anic reading classes and have made the commitment to memorise the Qur'an. Islamic studies and Tajweed is also taught alongside memorising of the Qur'an.


We also encourage our students and provide opportunities for recitation at public events.

Urdu course


The Urdu language is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages; it is beautiful, poetic and can open doors to a vast body of important Islamic Literature. We have specialist teachers who deliver the course teaching students to read, write and speak in Urdu.


Students will be eligible for a Certificate and Diploma in the Urdu language.


Classes are held on Sundays at 11am - 1pm (£2 per child for each session).

Personal Study Time


Library & internet access is now available for children studying at the WFIA.


Opening times are Monday to Sunday 1pm to 9pm.


The internet access is available for homework and Islamic studies only. The facilities will be supervised by an adult.

Weekend Arabic classes soon to follow


Youth activities at Grove Road Hall soon to follow

For any further information or to enrol please contact the WFIA Education Dept on 0208 539 4282.

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